Friday, June 24, 2011

Favorite Things Friday: Entry #1

Introducing Favorite Things Fridays, a look into Mavris staffers most coveted items, unique event coordination and interesting happenings around Indianapolis! Drum roll please...

1. The Indiana Black Expo gears up for its 41st annual event on Thursday, July 7 in Indy. We're excited to see how many people are planning to come out for this mega event. Their Pacers Sports & Entertainment Corporate Luncheon is July 15 and Angela Basset, Danny Glover and Cicely Tyson are hosting. Check out this event and more here

2. This gorgeous rosemary inspired wedding in Culver City, California on StyleMePretty. So simple, so chic!

3. Do-it-yourself wedding shoe bling from the folks at Project Wedding. Bling, on brides!

4. People for Urban Progress of Indianapolis. Their aim is help Indianapolis residents bring their ideas for the city to fruition. Urban design (such as their using the RCA Dome's scraps for new projects), environmental awareness and public transit are their main objectives. One idea at a time, one city progressing towards success. 

5. This awesome corporate fundraiser in Toronto (as reviewed by BizBash). The Power Plant's Power Ball apparently always has a crazy theme with art installations and fun surprises. Check out the quirky slideshow here

Thanks for reading! Be sure to stay tuned for post #2 next Friday!

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